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Staff at Guardian Electrical are committed to working together to ensure only the highest quality of literature, reports & drawings are delivered to clients.

TraQ-it Department


Whilst the practical site delivery of Inspection & Testing is essential in ensuring your installation is safe to remain in service and therefore compliant with EaWR 1989, there is another crucial component in completing the project…………timely delivery of Reports and Drawings, which have been checked for accuracy and technical content.

Sadly, this is often overlooked by clients when selecting a supplier for Inspection & Testing services, leading to disappointment and as a consequence, problematic client/contractor relationships.

With a staff of over 20 now working in our TraQ-it Department dedicated to delivery of Reports & Drawings, we are proud to say Guardian have no such issues.

Driven by the huge success of TraQ-it over the last several years (now numbering over 1,500 websites), the TraQ-it Department has had to grow in tandem with the evolution of TraQit itself, in order to ensure target dates are not compromised and customer satisfaction is maintained. Not at an easy task when the particular skills required are not readily available in the workplace. The answer was to create our own in-house training modules delivered ‘on the job’ over a 9-month period.

The TraQ-it Department is structured to effectively manage the following:
  • Building and development of individual TraQ-it websites
  • Conversion of hand annotated site drawings to CAD format
  • Retrieval of Reports from a central data repository to quality assure for accuracy and technical content
  • Retrieval of Thermographic Reports from a central data repository to quality assure for accuracy and technical content
  • Receiving additional Minor Work/Electrical Installation Certs from clients for review and integration into existing reports
  • Receiving Electrical Danger Notification from clients for review and integration into existing reports
  • Technical enquiries
  • Customer advisors to assist with TraQ-it navigation and to deliver over the phone, on-line TraQ-it demonstrations

A cohesive well drilled reports department is an integral part of all Inspection & Testing Projects and although it’s been far from a straight forward process to achieve our objective, the investment in time and resource to ensure the TraQ-it system delivers on its promise, has been well worth it.

All Departments

As integral a role the TraQ-it department plays at Guardian Electrical Compliance HQ, we also count on our other departments to assist in maintaining a smooth delivery of service. Our Accounts, Sales, Marketing and Operations departments all work alongside the TraQ-it team to ensure only the highest quality of service is delivered.

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